How to Construct The Perfect Stairs

More than just for convenience, stairs have become a very core part of the aesthetic value of a home. Straight from the architectural and interior design, homemakers think and fantasize about the staircases they will have in their homes. So, as a potential homemaker, or even a construction specialist, or an interior designer; what do you look out for to ensure you get the best in terms of your stairs even before you start the construction? We dissect 5 things every novice, as well as expert, should look out for while planning to construct stairs in their homes, or for clients.

  • Material

As you draw the basic architectural design of your house, with the help of a professional, you must decide the actual material you will use for the construction of your staircases. With the inception of modernity and technology, there are almost limitless materials anyone can use. The most common are glass, wood, steel, and concrete. Often, one can use a combination of several elements just to add on the aesthetic value of the staircases.

  • Design

There are almost limitless approaches that someone can use for designing their staircases. Depending on whether it is interior or exterior, one can have designed such as spiral staircases to floating stairs, ribbon stairs as well as pullout stairs. There are so many possibilities in terms of the design of the staircases of one’s dreams including a combination of several design templates. For staircases, literally, if you can think it, you can construct it- so long as it is physically viable.

  • Home Space

Of course, while doing your staircase construction, you must consider the kind of space you have. Often, pullout designs are more viable in smaller spaces. Other designs are a bit more flexible in terms of home space. For instance, a larger interior space can go with almost any design. Exterior spaces, on the other hand, seldom attract fancy staircases with complicated designs. Designs such as ribbon, spiral or floating are more flexible in terms of home space and can work in both smaller home spaces as well as larger ones.

  • Purpose

One of the modern trends of staircases construction purposes that have increasingly become mainstream is for aesthetic value. Homeowners spend quite some fortune constructing, sometimes rudimentary, staircases within their houses just for beautification purposes. Some staircase designs, such as the floating stairs and spiral stairs are such eye candy. On top of that, construction material such as glass is believed to increase the aesthetic value of staircases. Therefore, while selecting a design for your staircase, it is important to determine whether you are constructing it for ascension purposes or for home aesthetic value.

  • Durability

How long do you plan for your stairs to last? Do you plan to use them for just a year as construction is ongoing in your attic or do you plan to use it for an entire lifetime, or better yet, across generations? As you ponder upon the longevity that you would like your stairs to have, both indoor and outdoor, remember that a construction once done cannot be altered. Therefore, there is no need to have a concrete staircase meant for temporary use. Rather, it is better to use wood as a substitute as it will be cheaper and easier to make adjustments.

Staircases are an integral part of a household. They have slowly evolved from just being a medium of ascension and descending to being some of the most aesthetic areas in a household. Individuals invest a lot of money to ensure they get the perfect staircases that serve the exact dream they have for their households.

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