Stairs- The Unrecognized Superhero in The House

Take a moment and just think about a world without stairs. How would we go up surfaces? I mean, elevators are good for long distances, but the importance of stairs cannot be emphasized. They have become such a core part of life, from pre-modernity to the post-modernity technological world. Stairs have moved from just being assets of convenient ascent and descent to beauty points in homes- conveniently designed to bring out the ultimate sophistication and aesthetic value of a modern house.  It is with this in mind that we seek to give you a brief overview of how to make your home the ultimate space by having modern, convenient and stylistic stairs winding their way around your precious space.

Stairs for modern homes

We all want the very best stair designs for our homes. After taking up a mortgage or saving to construct a multistorey house, it is very vital to have a sitdown with your architect as well as an interior designer to decide on the stair design for your modern home. It is very vital to have these professionals as they will advise you on what is workable and not. Either way, here are a few recommendations for stair designs for modern homes:

  • Glass Stairs

Modern staircase designs are increasingly using glass and wood as the primary material. These designs speak volumes in terms of class, sophistication, and modernity. With the right interior designer, glass and wood stairs are simply heavenly.

  • Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs do just that, spiral. They consume so much less space and are very appealing in terms of class. The stairs curve up as they go through every floor and usually have an extra design to give it extra aesthetic value.

  • Floating Stairs

These are a modern design of staircases that ‘hang’. They not only save space but allow for light to flow better into the room and are a very classy design especially for small interior spaces.

  • Ribbon Stairs

These stairs have a ribbon design that saves on space and gives it a modern feel. It is a very classy design as each staircase somewhat ribbons over the next therefore reducing vertical space by almost half.

Stairs for small spaces

It is very vital to consider the space you have in your house while you are designing the stairs. You must thus ensure that while designing your staircases, you consider space-saving measures. Here are ideas for the design of stairs for small spaces:

  • Multipurpose stairs

These are stairs that could serve as other important household elements thereby hitting two birds with one stone. For instance, your stairs could also serve as drawers where you store your clothes. This will reduce the need for drawer construction as well and make use of the stair spaces.

  • Pull-out stairs

These staircases, are pushable into the wall, or ceiling to create more space. Their design gives them a ‘foldable’ aspect which upon pushing, folds into a very compact structure. This works very well in minimizing the space needed to construct these stairs and in turn, also give it a very unique feel and look.

  • Vertical stairs

These stairs are more vertical intensive than horizontal intensive i.e. the stairs design has emphasized horizontal ascent than a vertical room. This is a very good way to save space but requires extremely professional designers as any mishap would lead to a danger zone within the house. It saves space but it is vital to ensure you do not ignore the vertical vitality of staircases.

Many modern designs mentioned above also come in handy in small spaces such as the spiral, floating and ribbon designs mentioned above.

Stairs are used for varying purposes besides its primary use of helping in a vertical movement. Many other people nowadays design stairs for aesthetic value but one thing we can all agree on is ‘Stairs are the unrecognized superheroes in the house!’

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