Choosing a Straight Stair Type

Today, the market offers a range of staircase styles such as U-shaped, curved, winder, straight among others.  It is worth noting that the straight stair is usually common as well as the affordable style available because it is the easiest to build and have a variety of advantages. Also, the styles of straight stairs range from classic to contemporary or traditional to modern which can be made from either metal, glass, or wood depending on the buyer’s preference. A potential buyer should consider these factors when deciding the straight staircase style to purchase.

Type of designs, Installation and Material

Comprehensive Design Inspirations

The straight stairs have an array of designs to choose from, depending on the purchaser’s choice. To begin with, the double stringer straight stairs which has stringers on both ends to support the treads. They can be made of both heavy and light materials hence affecting shipment as well as the installation process. Not to mention, the two-stringer straight staircase can have almost all tread and a handrail style, hence achieving a contemporary look. A twin stringer designer canany of these materials for a floating design: I-Beams, 6″ Steel Channels, among others.

The next is the open-riser straight stairs, which are rapidly becoming a favorite in newly built homes. The open riser naturally allows light as well as air to flow all over the room without hiding lamps or windows. Therefore, homes with the open-plan or consist of large windows are ideal to be fitted with open-riser staircase. Preferably, the staircase style is suitable for open-plan homes with families since it facilitates visual access to the upper level of the dwelling and closely monitoring the pets together with children.

The other straight staircase typeis the center stringer which is an architectural feature that boosts natural light within the commercial or residential property. The mono-stringer staircase has a floating feel as well as it can be customized to the preference of the owner.


Another factor to consider when selecting a straight staircase style is the installation because it determines the amount of work to be done on the site. However, the installation process varies from one stair manufacturer to another as they utilize different technologies; hence, it is necessary to talk to several before settling down on the ideal one. For instance, to save time during installation, placing Top Cuts and Foot Cuts can consume long hours for the inexperienced installers; thus, pick the most experienced depending on one’s straight staircase types. Also, the commercial or property owner should consider the installation cost before the work on-site commencing. Contacting several stairs manufacturers to send their quotations and later comparing them will allow one to make the right decision. The owner can also bargain the installation cost especially if there are many staircase units to be installed.

Different Material Options

A potential straight staircase style buyer has options to select which material makes his desired stair. However, numerous people search for the lowest cost product resulting in those stairs having a short lifespan. The first material is wood which is commonly used in western nations since the hardwood used; for example, sal wood and teak wood are affordable.  

The second material that can make straight stairs is the metal, particularly stainless steel or aluminum. Usually, the carriers for the treads are angle irons.

The straight staircase style is applicable in both residential and commercial settings because they are easy to build as well as go up and down. For a person who wants to buy a straight stair type, these tips will help one make the right choice: a list with comprehensive design inspirations, installation and material to build the staircase.

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