How to maintain and protect wooden stairs

Well maintained wooden stairs always look beautiful and new every day. Cleaning of the wooden stairs is not the same as cleaning other surfaces in your home. It should be unique for them to look attractive and last for long. Ensuring your wooden stairs are well maintained and clean is not difficult once you know what you need to do and the required tips and tools. It is advisable to find out the ways and methods on how to keep your wooden stairs well protected and maintained uniquely. Here are some ways in which you can maintain and protect your wooden stairs to last longer.

Ensuring your stairs is clean all the time

Consisted cleaning will make sure that your stairs remain as new for a long time. Thorough sweeping and regular vacuuming of your stairs is required to maintain and keep the stairs in good condition. Depending on the type of wood, you should use the recommended detergents for the hardwood used to make your stairs when cleaning them. It is easy to clean your stairs from top to bottom. Always ensure that you don’t leave wet spots or spills on the stairs for long because they can stain the wood easily.

Include an extra layer of protection

You can protect your wooden stairs by adding rugs near the entrance. The rugs ensure that it removes all the pieces of gravel from the bottom of your shoes which may cause scratches and dents on the surface of the wooden stairs. Avoid wearing sharp shoes at the bottom if you have to use the stairs because they may add scratches and damage the wooden stairs or ensure you have padded your legs to prevent the damage of the surface of the wood. Always check for scratches and dents in your wooden stairs regularly for early repair of the damage to extend its life span.

Refine your wooden stairs with varnish or oil               

It is advisable if you have not painted you wooden stairs to apply varnish or oil before stains and dirt appear on your stairs. By applying varnish or oil it prevents permanent marks and stains to appear in the surface of your wooden stairs. Varnishing your stairs will protect your wooden stairs from spills and damage. The varnish is easy to use and it requires a brush for you to apply it. The most used varnish is polyurethane varnish because it dries faster and you can apply another coat after 24 hours. The use of oil is another way you can prevent your untreated wood from drying out. It is also easy to apply oil in your wooden stairs because you only need a small paintbrush. Let the first layer of the oil soak thoroughly in the wood and apply another layer. The most commonly used oils are wood oil and hard wax oils. Oiling makes the wooden stairs waterproof. By refining your wooden stairs using varnish or oil will make sure that your staircases look new and last for long.

Prevent mold

Mold can grow on the surface of your wooden stairs. It mostly grows when the surface is not well stained or when you don’t clean the surface of your wooden stair regularly. When it happens to grow in your wooden stairs you need to use the disinfection designed to kill mold pore and use it to wash your stairs thoroughly because when you wipe it appears to have gone but it late comes back again. It is good to prevent the growth of mold by ensuring that the wooden stairs are dry up from any wetness on their surfaces.

Maintaining and protecting wooden stairs is not easy but with these ideas, you can manage and prevent any damage and stains. Through them you will ensure your wooden stairs looks beautiful as new and last for long. Lets maintain and protect our wooden stairs every day.

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