Cleaning your Stairs

We all know the thrill of brand new stairs just installed in your home. But what happens when the stairs start accumulating dirt and lose the aesthetic value you once held dear? You clean them. Cleaning your stairs is one of the easiest and most basic ways of doing routine maintenance on your stairs but is often overlooked. So, how does anyone carefully clean their stairs to effectively give it a longer lifeline and an appealing grandeur?

  1. Clean the stairs often

Just like other regions of your house, clean your stairs often. Just because it is a flight of steps does not mean it needs any less of a cleaning that any other region of your house. Have a frequent and times duration you always clean your stairs to ensure you do not overlook it. Most homeowners concentrate on cleaning other areas of the home ignoring the stairs which are just as exposed as other regions of the home.

  • Start from the top, finish at the bottom

Of course, cleaning your staircases must be orderly. Otherwise, you might spend a lot of time on a very small task. On the top, start with a broom sweeping your stairs and removing any dust or debris as you go towards the bottom. As you reach the lower levels of the step you can now use your vacuum cleaner to pick off all the dirt from up the flight. It will be illogical to start with the vacuum on the higher steps as this will increase the workload significantly.

  • Clean with a wet mop

After dusting and sweeping your stairs, it is vital to clean it further with a mop to remove any stains or specks of dirt that might require water to remove. Likewise, do this cleaning from the top going downwards still ensuring that the water remains clean throughout. Also, to get rid of germs and other microorganisms, it is proper to clean the stairs with disinfectant to just achieve a higher level of cleanliness.

  • Check out for cracks and crevices as you clean.

As you go through the cleaning, it is a very good time to check for any cracks and crevices. Managing damages to your stairs early enough will save you a lot of trouble while doing a larger-scale repair to your home. After spotting the damages, consult your repairman on how to manage the damage. While at it you’ll also assess what could be the major agent that causes damage or brings dirt to your staircases.

  • Your railing and baluster shouldn’t be ignored

The railing and baluster on your house accumulates just as much dirt as the staircase. In fact, your railing and baluster are even more sensitive as it is in direct contact with your hands which are more sensitive to even the slightest germs and dirt. Therefore, it is very vital to just as frequently clean your railing and baluster to generally keep your staircases clean and hygienic as a whole.

It is important to not ignore the cleaning of your stairs under any circumstances. If you are going to have a happy healthy home, equally pay attention to your staircase as it can get just as dirty as other regions of the home. If you follow our steps above you’ll be sure to maintain high levels of hygiene in your home as a whole which not only keeps you and your other home users safe from infections, diseases or accidents that might come from dirt and lack of hygiene but also increases the lifeline of your stairs making them maintain their aesthetic value over a longer duration.

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