Month: June 2020

Why you might need a stairlift​

Stairs, besides being very crucial in the home, are a health hazard as well. It is approximated that around 1 million Americans injure themselves on staircases each year. Out of this, around 70% are aged and the disabled. This means they are a group clearly disadvantaged by the existence and presence of stairs in a household. You can only just imagine the negative impact stairs can have on such an individual. Other people have been permanently disabled and some have even lost their lives when they are using stairs. Because of these sad statistics, stairlifts have become a good alternative to this minority group. So, what are stairlifts, and what are their advantages?

As we have just stated, because of the risk they pose, staircases might at times need an alternative, or an adjustment so it can serve a specific group of people. That is where stairlifts come in. Wikipedia defines a stairlift as “a mechanical device for lifting people up and down a flight of stairs.” Simply put, it is often a chair that someone sits on and is taken up and down staircases conveniently and efficiently.

Some of the reasons why you could install stairlifts include:

  1. Reduces risk of an accident by up to 90%

A well functional stairlift automatically reduces the possibility of an incident ever occurring. All you need to do is ensure the stairlift is functioning well. For people with preexisting disabilities, or people who are sick and have become immobilized for one reason or another, or even people who just have a high affinity to stairs accidents, the stairlift will actually reduce your chances of getting any form of injury from an accident involving stairs.

  1. It increases efficiency

This point is debatable as a young boisterous person would say that going down a flight of stairs is more efficient than sitting on a mechanical chair to slide you down the flight. But it is not so for an aged person with brittle bones, it would actually take them ten times the time to go down the flight- leave alone ascending. So, technically, for people with special needs, stairlifts are a gift from heaven.

  1. It is quite easy to use

Quite contrary to the opinion of most people, stairlifts are quite easy to use. All you need to do is sit on it and press a button and the rest will be handled behind the scenes. It is very convenient to use even for the person with the least amount of knowledge on how it works.

  1. It is a sense of reinvention for the user

Often, when we are in a minority group such as the disabled or the aged, we feel like we are an inconvenience and a burden to the rest of the society. We are even afraid of going up or down a flight of stairs because we might inconvenience someone else. But more than just being convenient to the special needs user, the stairlift gives the user a newfound sense of freedom and independence. I mean, if we have brittle bones and can go up a flight of stairs, are we not ready to conquer the world?

These stair installations have proven to be a core part of many homes and have definitely helped smooth things a bit at home, and at work. It is very vital to create a safe and sound space for the special needs people you interact with to make them feel like an integral part of the association. Installing a stairlift for the disabled and aged is the first step in ensuring you create a safe space for those you love.

Exhausting staircase space

The staircases have been deemed as one of the greatest ‘wasters’ of space. There often exists a large amount of space under the stairs that if not well used could end up being quite some large amount of wasted space with no relevance. So, what do we do to ensure we exhaust the space under the staircase? What can we creatively do with it to maximize its efficiency and its use? Here are 4 suggestions on how you can exhaust your staircase space.

  1. Use it as a store

That large amount of space under the stairs can very conclusively act as a storage space for your equipment. The home is often crowded with a lot of items that we barely use and this could be the best place to store them. From equipment used for gardening to cleaning equipment and even items used in any form of home repairs, this is the best place to store them. It is very vital, however, to sort the store properly to prevent any loss or damage to your equipment. Ensure the store is properly arranged and cleaned regularly to just ensure the space does not end up being a store of dirt, dust, and germs as well.

  1. Use it as a home office

I had barely ever thought of this as an ideal place for an office until the 2020 Corona Virus happened. Then I realized that all one needs to do is make the space comfortable, warm, and convenient for work; and productivity can even be higher than in the office. Depending on the nature of your work, and the equipment you might need in your office, all you need to do is to invest your time in making the space under the stairs as convenient as possible for a work environment.

  1. Use it as a home for your pet

I don’t know about you, but I love pets. This under stairs space can serve as a perfect home for your furry little friend so they can feel a bit independent and not super smothered with love from you. You just ensure you put into consideration the size of your pet as you design the space into a pet home. Also, while at it, you can decorate both the exterior and interior of the home to make it as comfortable as possible for your furry friend.

  1. Prayer, Yoga or meditation

If you are a religious person and you pray a lot, then this is a perfect space for you. A gentle retreat point for you to dig deep into prayer without any form of interruption. Also, if you do yoga and love meditation then your understairs space can be your fresh breath from heaven. Whichever activities might require seclusion for you to efficiently do them, then this space might be the best for you to use.

The uses of this space are countless. You can literally turn it into anything. Depending on what you often like to do as a hobby, and the amount of space that is actually under the stairs, and also how much readjustments you might need to make, you can actually turn that space into anything that you want. It’s not that hard, you can do it. One very vital thing to remember is to involve all professionals required. Do not start changing that space into an office on your own and you want to do all the masonry, electrification, and even plumbing on your own. You might end up not only damaging your home but you could end up construction, or ‘making’, a health hazard to all the occupants of the premise.

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